RetroPGF Summer Tour: ETHBarcelona and Funding the Commons in Paris

This summer, Giveth and General Magic teamed up in Paris and Barcelona to spread the word about RetroPGF. Wondering how it all went down?  Come along for a quick recap of our adventure! 🌟 Barcelona Kickoff: A RetroPGF Adventure Begins!  Barcelona was our first stop, and boy was it a blast! Our RetroPGF booth was

Project Spotlight: Ethereum Mexico-Catalysts of Web3 Adoption in Latin America!

In this edition of Project Spotlight, we’re taking a deep dive into Ethereum Mexico, a dynamic initiative that’s been instrumental in driving Web3 adoption in Mexico and Latin America. Founded in June 2022, Ethereum Mexico embarked on a bold mission – to empower individuals across Latin America with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive

Project Spotlight: ITU Blockchain – Pioneering Blockchain Education in Turkey

Established in 2018, ITU Blockchain stands as Turkey’s inaugural university blockchain society, leading the charge in a new era of learning and development in this transformative field.

Empowering Public Goods: Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF)

At its core, Retroactive Public Goods Funding is a departure from traditional funding methods. Instead of providing funds in anticipation of future work, RetroPGF allocates rewards based on the proven impact already created.