Project Spotlight: ITU Blockchain – Pioneering Blockchain Education in Turkey


Welcome to Project Spotlight, this series is dedicated to shedding light on the exceptional achievements of prominent projects that were a part of RetroPGF in previous rounds. We delve into their inspiring narratives and the substantial contributions they’ve made. 

To kick off this journey, we’re turning our focus to a project that has been instrumental in shaping the blockchain landscape in Turkey – ITU Blockchain. Established in 2018, ITU Blockchain stands as Turkey’s inaugural university blockchain society, leading the charge in a new era of learning and development in this transformative field.

Shaping the Future of Blockchain Education

ITU Blockchain was founded by a group of passionate students at Istanbul Technical University, driven by a shared vision to democratize access to blockchain knowledge. Since its inception, the club has been at the forefront of blockchain education, paving the way for a new generation of blockchain enthusiasts and experts. One of the standout features of ITU Blockchain is their relentless pursuit of innovation. Their comprehensive Solidity Course, a 20-hour program offered in Turkish, has gained recognition for its quality and relevance. Moreover, the course has earned an endorsement from none other than the Ethereum Foundation, a testament to its exceptional educational value.

Global Impact and Recognition

ITU Blockchain’s influence extends well beyond the borders of Turkey. The project received 26,447.32 OP in the RetroPGF Round 2 for their significant contributions to the blockchain community. This acknowledgment underscores their dedication to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Nurturing a Thriving Community

In a momentous leap forward, ITU Blockchain is hosting a conference, notDEVCON, at the Istanbul Technical University Macka Campus on November 14th. 

notDEVCON will bring together Ethereum enthusiasts, experts, and hackers from every corner of the globe. We are sure this will be more than just a conference and more like a rallying point for thought leaders to pool their knowledge, exchange ideas, and explore the boundless potential of blockchain technology. With a distinguished roster of speakers, interactive workshops, and abundant networking opportunities.

Through a partnership with BAF, ITU Blockchain is pioneering a hacker house, extending an open invitation to hackers worldwide. This dynamic and inclusive initiative embodies ITU Blockchain’s steadfast commitment to nurturing a diverse and collaborative environment within the blockchain community.

Stay tuned for more updates on this event and other pioneering initiatives from ITU Blockchain!

Empowering the Next Generation

The academic year 2022-2023 was a period of unparalleled growth for ITU Blockchain. With a surge in membership, they dedicated the first semester to immersive training and community-building. In just 12 weeks, they conducted 6 face-to-face training sessions, 3 workshops, and 3 member meetings, reflecting a community driven by a passion for learning.

ITU Blockchain team

Conclusion: Shaping Tomorrow’s Blockchain Leaders

ITU Blockchain’s journey from its inception to becoming a dominant force in the blockchain community is a testament to their vision, dedication, and impact. Their commitment to education, innovation, and community-building serves as an inspiration to budding blockchain enthusiasts and individuals striving to make a positive impact through technology.

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain, ITU Blockchain stands as a beacon of progress, shaping the future of blockchain education not only in Turkey but on a global scale. Their story is a testament to the transformative power of passionate individuals coming together to make a difference. 

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