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Backed by the collective efforts of the Giveth and General Magic teams, our goal is to foster sustainable funding for projects that make a positive societal impact.

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About RetroPGF

RetroPGF, short for Retroactive Public Goods Funding, is a mechanism developed to reward individuals and projects for their positive contributions to the Optimism Collective, beyond the profits they already receive. It aims to strike a balance between impact and profit. 

Round 1

In its inaugural round, RetroPGF marked a milestone by distributing $1 million across 58 open-source software projects. This round set the stage for rewarding impactful contributions to the Optimism Collective.

Voting (Oct 24th - Nov 1st) 2021

Round 2

Building on the success of Round 1, RetroPGF 2, held in January 2023, expanded the reach of impact-driven funding. With an increased allocation, it further empowered projects that have demonstrated substantial public good

Voting (Mar 7th - Mar 21st) 2023

Round 3

Round 3 of RetroPGF is on the horizon, poised to amplify the impact of public good projects within the Optimism ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates on how this round will empower and support valuable contributions.

Voting (Nov6th - Dec 7th) 2023
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Previously Funded Projects

Discover the impactful projects that have received support through Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF). These initiatives have demonstrated a commitment to driving positive change in the Optimism Collective.